About Icon 1“Our mindset: we are an extension of our clients company in the marketplace”

Headquartered in Syracuse, NY, The Icon Companies offer a full line of real estate services including brokerage, tenant & buyer representation, property management, and consulting. Icon’s agents have extensive market knowledge and experience, allowing us to provide the most efficient and professional real estate solutions for our clients.

We believe it’s important to provide our clients with “Quality AND Quantity” by offering solutions to satisfy the widest range of client needs without compromising the premium level of service and results.   This is possible through the synergistic effects of Icon’s exclusive team, a network of skilled industry specialists and affinity partnerships.About Icon 4

Icon cherishes long term client relationships and we advocate our clients’ overall business success.  Our mindset is that we are an extension of our clients company in the marketplace. We maintain and strengthen lasting relationships by consistently adapting our services to our clients’ needs.   There is no task too large or too small for our clients and we encourage them to utilize our wide array of offerings.

“Our competitive advantage: offense knows what is happening in the Defensive huddle (and vice versa)”.

About Icon 2Icon’s diverse experience and knowledge in the various sectors of the real estate industry create a competitive advantage no matter what your real estate need may be.  Having specialists in every area allows an inside view and an outside perspective in our strategic approach to each client need.  Our favorite analogy is the Offense knows what is happening in the Defensive huddle (and vice versa). As a whole, we possess the right tools and have the real experience on every side of a transaction.



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